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Sports Club Management Services was designed by Hugo Jimenez, Assistant Director of Operations for Boomers Volleyball Club. His wife, Terri Jimenez is the founder and Director of Boomers. Boomers Volleyball, started in 1997, is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and typically trains from 16 to 20 teams per season.

The system was originally designed as a desktop application, with no web access. However, as Boomers grew, and as the web became more prevalent, the system was converted to a web application. This was done so that we could allow the parents and athletes to do a majority of the data entry which freed up our staff (and budget) to focus on providing more resources for training.

Sport Club Management Services is Born

Before the 2008 Club Season, my wife was speaking with a director from Orlando Volleyball Academy, a very strong club from Orlando and the largest club in Florida. Somehow in conversation, the system was brought up and they decided that they wanted to see it for themselves. As a result, OVA became the first club outside of our own to use the system. When we saw that the system was also working well for another club, we realized that there was a market out there for our product. In 2009, we had nine clubs in Florida and one club from Georgia using our system. We decided to keep it at that size to give us one more year to really perfect our system to make sure that we could offer the best product possible before going national..

Why Our System is the Best for You

The success of the system lies in its origins. The system was designed by volleyball folks for the sole purpose of making our own lives easier by helping us manage our club more efficiently. There is no other purpose for this system. In addition to our initial product, with the help of the club directors and staff that have been using our system, we have been able to take it to the next level. Now our system is even more complete and better suited to fit any clubs' needs.

Professional and Educational Background for Hugo Jimenez

2007 to Date - Sports Club Management Services
President - Company provides management services to volleyball clubs.

1993 To Date - Allied Customs Broker & Forwarders, Inc
President - Allied is licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to process importation documentation and collect import duties in behalf of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It operates in the South Florida Customs District

1979-1993 - Florida Power and Light
(1988-1993) Division Budget Administrator. (1983-1988) Division Planning Coordinator. (1979-1983) Systems Analyst.

1978-1979 - General Motors
Systems Analyst

1976-1978 University of Michigan
MBA in Operations Research and Computers

State University of New York at Stony Brook
BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics

Club Membership

For the 2009-2010 season we had 32 clubs use our services. The smallest club had one team, the largest club had 69 teams.

For the 2010-2011 season close to 60 clubs are using our services.

We would be glad to provide you with contact information for all of our customers for referral purposes.

Based on this level of interest, we expect our player data base to be at about 23,000 active players by the time the season ends, making us the largest volleyball club management service provider in the nation.